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Thinking In That
( ; ̄ー ̄A

( ; ̄ー ̄A

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🙇  Person Bowing Deeplyミ☆( *uωu人)+゚  Person Who Thinks A Lot😰  Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat🚶  Pedestrian🚶‍♂️  Man Walking○o。/((-_-メ))\。o○  Too Much Thinkings😖  Confounded Face(・ ´ω`・)  There Is a Thought(ι ´Д` )ノ  Requesting It(ι ´Д` )ノ  Requesting It(o_O)  Disturbed Ideaฅ(ٛ •௰•´ ٛ )꒭!  Person Who Thinksฅ(ٛ •௰•´ ٛ )꒭!  Person Who Thinks(ಢ⊱ಢ 。)  Thinking Worried•(◐﹏◐)•  Scared Man Face“(´≖ ‸ ≖`)”  Not Sure Face(ؔᓒ⍥⃘ؔᓒ)  Shocked Boy Face(´-`). 。oO()  Thinking Worried Boy₍ ⁄⁄⁄ ຶѧ ⁄⁄⁄ ຶ₎ ⁂  Is That Snow?(◎0◎)  Rare Surprised Eyes░ ര Ĺ̯ ര ░  Square Sad Boy(-公- ; )  Some Worries😬  Grimacing Faceヽ(*´□`*)ッ  Could Be In Trouble╏ ⁰ ⌂ ⁰ ╏  Worried Thinking Person╏ ⁰ ⌂ ⁰ ╏  Worried Thinking Personヽ(゚ Д゚)ノ  Yelling For Fear(。ŏ ﹏ŏ)  Sad Buddy Face(◎0◎)  Rare Surprised Eyes(ؔᓒ⍥⃘ؔᓒ)  Shocked Boy Face“(´≖ ‸ ≖`)”  Not Sure Faceヾ(;゚;Д;゚;)ノ゙  So Panic Sweatヽ(*´□`*)ッ  Could Be In Trouble(-公- ; )  Some Worries(╭☞• ⍛• )╭☞  Normal Choice(╭☞• ⍛• )╭☞  Normal Choice˛˛૧(˵¯͒▱¯͒˵)  Not Happy For Thatq( ╯ᆺ╰๑)  Blushed Worried Thinking\(°o° ;)  Worried About That Person(´∵` )  Doubtful Personヾ (;・﹏ •̀ ☆)b  Worried For A Resquest(.•̵̑⌓•̵̑ )  Worried Thinking Faceヾ (;・﹏ •̀ ☆)b  Worried For A Resquest( ´∀`)  Waiting For My Friend( ´థ,_‥థ `)  Almost Cry For You(. ﹒︿﹒.)  Worried Face Think( ̄◇ ̄; )  Thoughtful Person( ´థ,_‥థ `)  Almost Cry For You(.•̵̑⌓•̵̑ )  Worried Thinking Face😨  Fearful Face   View More Related


ʕ•ૅૄ•ʔ  Big nose bear #2(*´U`*)ノ  Hi, hi, thereʃ͠ʘɷʘ͠ƪ  Eyes dog/╲/( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)/\╱\  Animal Attack #2{ @ºัꈊºั@ }  Fancy Sheep| ∀・ )ジ  Celebrate Hide|_ಠ)  Angry Neighbor Spying(ↁ_ↁ)  Weird D Eyes♡(◦˘ З(´˘‿˘`❁)  I feel happy with you(`థ ౪ థ´)  Emotionaly Guy(ノ ̄〓 ̄)ノ  Straight-up Ahead〠 〠  Friendsε=( ノo`・∀・)ノ  Why U Did Thatヾ(^ )  Caressing Boy₊·(ϱ॔﹏ᵕ๑॓)‧*  Scooping Eyes| ・ω・ )ノ  Hey you, beg(^_^)  Fat Men Flat⊆♥ _㇁♥⊇  Heart Face #6( ◔ω◔ิ)  There Is Something Interesting(♡▽♡)  Am really in love•̀.̫ •́✧  Snooty Boy Face三 (卍 ˘ω˘))卍  Super Speed🇱🇺  Flag for Luxembourg(•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡  Oh Yes, The Love凹( ´・ω・`)凹  Magnet Hands(๑•̀ㅂ•́)ง✧  I Did It(˚ ˃⌓<)ノ  Stop, ahg(▼ ̄⚇ ̄▼)  Animals are cute #6👮🏻‍♂️  Male Police Officer, Type-1-2🏄🏾  Surfer, Type-5/╲/\╭ºoꍘoº╮/\╱\  Big Spider(˵•ᗜ•˵)  I feel awesome now  Fashion Symbol。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。  Extreme Distress(๑oヮo๑)八(๑o▽o๑)  Twins forever♡(㋭ ਊ ㋲)♡  Crazy Lover(ノ^ ∇ ^)  Big Salute@(。 ・。・)@  Curious Monkey(◍˃̶ᗜ˂̶◍ )ノ”  Oh Come On Bro(= ̄▽ ̄=)V  Peace #2👮🏾  Police Officer, Type-5ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾⓌⓗⓨ?  Tell Me Why?d(人ФエФ)b  I Approve༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ ─=≡ΣO))  Energy Ball Throwing(*’▽’)ノ—==ΞΞ☆  Just magicd(>_< )  Approve #1🇦🇱  Flag for Albania(☍﹏ ⁰)。  Some Bit Tears┌( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿  James Bond(´⊙o⊙`;)  Big Face Surprised

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